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Hitsugi no Chaika: Resolve by Junniechi
Hitsugi no Chaika: Resolve

Father's remains, scattered.
I want to gather.
Want that, only that.
Give father a funeral.
What I must do


Photographer : Haziq Photography

Special Thanks to : Lumira -Miiko- T , Cain Graywood


Hitsugi no Chaika

Chaika Trabant : :iconjunniechi:


Editing in snail speed as usual! XD Finally pictures from my photoshoot for Chaika is up >v</ Duo pictures with Xenon as my Toru will be up as well, so stay tuned yo hahaha XD

Many thanks to Haziq for picking up the request! My first studio shoot experience goes to him, it's quite fun really =P & thanks to the awesome saikangs for helping out as well! Actually in this picture Miiko is hiding behind me while tossing my hair! Sasuga pro saikang XDb

A lot of things I really wanna say about Chaika really. Another white-haired princess (?) on my list! *ish whacked* She's really adorable & she's very determined. The light novel series is nicely done & so is the anime (except for the last few episodes but well, I CAN OVERLOOK IT *ish whacked*) Xenon loves the series and he wants to be Toru. He asked me to be his Chaika and I'm like, well, aside from the fact that I'm 175cm, I love her so why not! & there you have it HAHAHA XD 

Her outfit design has a strong reminiscence of lolita fashion, which is my favourite fashion style =D I used different types of lace to adorn her outfit in accordance to the outfit design. Some of you might notice that I have the details in silver instead of white. This is like a choice of artistic license, as I find white details blend into the dress in real life >___< I want the details to stand out! So apologies for the inaccuracy OTL & I use different sizes of gemstones on her too! Gotta say I never used so many gemstones in any of my cosplans, sasuga hime-sama! XD & I also wore two of my favourite petticoats for her, maximum poof yo =P 

The Gundo, oh my God, that monster. Xenon and I have so much pain with it. I'm so glad we manage to have it finished in time OTL We took two months (with tons of break HAHAHA) to build the main body and the barrel. And then, Penang Anime Matsuri is announced. So we are like, LET'S FINISH IT FOR PAM. So, after my exam, within two weeks, we finished the whole Gundo + the details on Chaika's outfit + the details on Toru's outfit. Truthfully torturing, but the results are so damned worth it. Really, before the two weeks cram period the main body is just some toy gun with some PVC pipe glued inside. IDK WHAT THE HELL ARE WE THINKING BUT WE MADE IT OMG THANK YOU COSPLAY GOD.

& then we took our sweet time to upgrade everything to Version 2 for the photoshoot. We ended up rushing as well.

... Can we just stop rushing OMG #YOLO  

But I'm so glad that I managed to do Chaika really. At first I was looking at her, I'm like, "How am I supposed to pull her off? The Gundo? How the hell I'm supposed to build it? The details are insane! Everyone does it so differently and all the reference arts differs from each other! HOW?" But yeah at the end when you are rushing you don't have time to think about all these, so yeah HAHAHA *ish whacked* But really, I'm really happy with the outcome and I will slowly improve her more! =D  

The pose is based on the last scene in Avenging Battle's 1st OP! Wanted to put the coffin in but I really like how simple & clean the picture looks, so yeah :iconiloveitplz: 


Odin Sphere: Battle by Junniechi
Odin Sphere: Battle

The soul shines proudly 
after falling in battle
The birds have a belief —
this is the only method 
of earning an immortal soul

- Valkyrie


Photographer : JRice Photography

Special Thanks to : A lot of people! XD


Odin Sphere

Gwendolyn : :iconjunniechi:


FINALLY I DID HERRR :iconcutecryplz: 

Been wanting to do as much cosplans as possible before I go off for my studies (which will be a 10-months hiatus for my hobby ;v; ) I've planned for doing Gwendolyn since a year back, so yeah, WHY NOT #YOLO 

I finished all her armor parts together with Xenon in two weeks? Hahaha & Oswald's armor too! XD *ish whacked* :iconretardiloveitplz: She's actually my first armor character so I'm so glad things sort of work out gahhh >____< A few parts need to be fixed but no biggie, VERSION 2 *ish whacked* So glad to be able to do it with Xenon as my Oswald, Miiko as my Velvet and Kiku as my Mercedes :heart: We are still missing a few characters but I'll get them together when I go back to Malaysia hahaha! =D I REALLY LOVE MY TEAM LARH AIYOHHH :heart: :heart: :heart: 

We went to Animangaki 2015 together! Really enjoy hanging out with them awww :iconiloveitplz: 
Here's a video from the amazing 
Studio Omoshiroi that showcases some of the amazing cosplayers in AMG :heart: Well, our team is in there too, feel so honoured :iconcuteblushplz: We are at 0:17!…

And then this shoot is quite YOLO as well hahaha, planned in a day or so since my teammates decided to do a shoot with me before I go off ;v; We wanted to do a scene based on the Raging Battlefield, hence the location! Too bad our dear Mercedes can't make it, NO WORRIES NEXT TIME DEAR! :iconaawplz:

And then it rains too OMG such luck we have HAHAHA. However we managed to cope with it thanks to our awesome photographers! Thank you so much to Jrice as usual ehehe & 
Haziq Photography for taking up such a last minute request! & they did such a good job too! Thank you for the awesome saikangs Tea Kyandy and ChuuNern for being so helpful awww :heart:

Have I said that I love my teammates? XD  

Stay tuned for more update that is hahaha! :heart:

PS, The psypher spear does glow up! More pictures for it hahaha >v</ 

Gumi: Nyan Nyan Nyan by Junniechi
Gumi: Nyan Nyan Nyan
"Ah, I see you're serious about it, hmm?
But such things won't move my heart."


Photography : JRice Photography

Special Thanks to : Xenon


Ah, It's a Wonderful Cat Life!

Gumi : Junnie

(Not in picture) Kagamine Len : :iconmaria-neige:


I'm having more time than usual nowadays, so yeah editing backlogs in my snail speed! =P Had fun doing the harlequin patterns, complete with cat paws! :heart: As usual many thanks to Jrice for the photoshoot, really love working with him awww >v</

Unlimited Blade Works: Choice by Junniechi
Unlimited Blade Works: Choice

"However, try to run if you can."


Photographer : JRice Photography

Special Thanks to : Lumira -Miiko- T

Fate/stay night : Unlimited Blade Works

Tohsaka Rin : Junnie 


UBW TV series has come to end ;v; How do you all enjoy it? =D IT'S SO GOOD GAHHH *rollsrolls* TRUE ENDING IS THE BEST AWWW :heart: :heart: :heart:

Anyways, here's a sequence picture from the photoshoot I had with Jrice >v< Love his shots & it's always a pleasure to work with him =D Many thanks to Miiko for helping out during the shoot too >v< *hugs* & thanks for giving me pointers on the edit hahaha! 

Love the series, Ufotable really did a great job! Can't wait for Heaven's Feel! =P 

Hi guys, long time no update here! =D 

College is busy as well (SO MANY ASSIGNMENTS GAHHHH OTL) & year-end events are coming soon! =P This year I'm more focused on clearing old photoshoot plans, but I still have a few new plans to debut, so please stay tuned =)

I sort of set up a new website for more blogging and what not =P Though, pictures will be updated frequently in dA (I love dA's format way better than loads of sites out there :iconiloveitplz:

It's new for now, so nothing much to see, do wait for some updates! >D 

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